Gives Day is Coming!

This year we are again part of Colorado Gives Day on December 8, 2015.  Gives day has one very convenient feature that allows you to make your donation now, but have it become effective on December 8, the actual day!  For all donations counted as received on December 8, we receive a small match from the Community First Foundation.  So please take a moment for our silly kittens and deserving adults.  Thanks so much.

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Fall Classes

Train with Trust: The Natural Behavior & History of House Cats


Ever wondered how cats came to live with people? Curious what your cat is trying to tell you? This free, community class answers these questions and more.

Train with Trust: Preventing & Fixing Litter Box problems


Although elimination outside of the litter box is the No.1 cat-behavior problem and among the top reasons cats lose their homes, there are many things owners can do to set cats up for litter box success! Whether or not your cat currently has trouble in this area, this interactive workshop will arm you with the facts about litter box issues.

Train with Trust: Feline Enrichment


Learn how to create an environment that keeps your cat active, healthy and happy. Help us make toys for shelter cats or your own cat!


Train with Trust: Introduction to clicker training for cats


Clicker training is an effective method for training any animal. While popular with dogs, cat owners are less familiar with the benefits of positive reinforcement training for their feline friends. This hands-on workshop will teach you the how and why of clicking for cats.

First Online Auction – Bidding Open


We decided to have an online auction since the Wine and Paint Party had fewer people than the number of items we had collected — 14 items.  There is something for everybody.

Starts: Aug 2, 2015 8:39 pm

Ends Aug 16, 2015 8:39 pm

The auction is through Winning Cause, who only handles non-profits so they can keep costs low and pass that along to us.  This is open to the public, so please let your friends and family know as well.  Check it out here:  Let the bidding begin!

We are in IndyGive 2015!


We began business in 2008 with a passion for hard-luck cats and a desire to make a difference.  We have come a long way.  Our journey sped up once we moved into the building on Boulder, affirming our dream and inspiring us to reach further.  But through all of this, the larger population of Colorado Springs remains unaware of our existence.

Not for much longer!  We have applied for the highly publicized IndyGive event for a few years and this year WE MADE IT into the ranks of non-profits who will be included.  We are doing back-flips (not exactly, but close) over this huge development for us.  We will gain valuable exposure and lots of training, but it will be hard work over the next six months.