This new page is a way for us to honor the beloved cats who so enriched our lives with their presence.




thulo for web

Thulo and his “brother” Smudg were rescued as kittens from the streets of Santa Fe, NM by our daughter Jenn. We (Mike and Shannon) adopted them when Jenn found out she was very allergic to cats. Thulo early on adopted Mike and became a constant companion. Much like a shadow, wherever Mike went Thulo was right there. He loved Smudg, boxes, hiding in kitty tents, catnip, helping Mike work at the computer, siting amongst the presents under the Christmas tree, basking in the sun, watching birds and bunnies, lying in front of the screen door, chasing string and his “brother” Smudg, but most of all he loved being with his daddy—Mike. Thulo was 13, a gentle soul, loved and missed by all.

thulo cropped