Surrender A Cat

If you need to surrender a cat, you may find the following information useful.

Pet Cats
We have been experiencing a 90 to 120 day waiting list stay, due to high volume of requests to surrender. We find that older cats almost always need dental care if they have not been receiving regular care. If a cat needs medical care on a non-emergency basis, we may be able to accept it, but cannot guarantee acceptance.

Here are more suggestions. See if your vet will let you post information about your cat at his or her clinic. has an option for individuals to post their pets. The CS Indy has reasonable rates for advertising on a weekly basis.

If your cat is not current on vaccinations, please get them vaccinated as soon as possible, but at least three weeks before surrender. There are several low cost clinics through Petco, Hamlett and the Humane Society. It is a terrible risk for your cat to enter a shelter without basic immunity to the common diseases, which they will be exposed to at any shelter.

Pregnant or Unaltered Female Cats
If your cat is pregnant, we prefer that you keep her on a foster basis until the kittens are weaned. Generally weaning happens by the time the kittens are 8 weeks old. Our policy is to provide a spay for her and other unaltered cats at your home and we will have you sign a contract to that effect.

If you have an unaltered female cat, this is an emergency situation. Hamlett Spay and Neuter and the HSPPR both have low-income low-cost spay and neuter programs. Please visit Hamlett’s website at or call 719 475 1800 for scheduling information. The Humane Society website is and phone number is 719 473-1741. Both programs have an application process that can take several days. Hamlett also provides spays and neuters at an economy rate for the public regardless of income.

Stray Cats

A stray may or may  not be a feral cat. If you can handle the cat, it is not feral.

Feral Cats
The best national resource is Alley Cat Allies. Their webpage, contains comprehensive information about Trap Neuter Release programs. We can lend traps to assist with colonies outside of the city limits.

If you are dealing with feral cats that are in the Colorado Springs city limits, please contact Marien Rodriguez, the TNR coordinator at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (719) 302-8786. Generally HSPPR will provide free spays and neuters for feral cats captured within the city limits, provided you register the colony and HSPPR “sanctions” it.

If you are able to trap on your own, Hamlett Spay and Neuter Clinic will provide free spays and neuters for feral cats. Please visit their website at or call (719) 475-1800 for scheduling information.