Success Stories


We received Daffy in October 2013, during a feral cat roundup in Fountain. We quickly learned that he was already neutered and front-paws declawed. He needed a dental, but before that could be accomplished, we needed to determine why he was so terribly thin. After an ultrasound, we learned that he had a large mass in his abdomen and he was also very anemic. His surgeon removed a large, but benign tumor from his liver. A few weeks later he had his dental. Almost one year to the day that Daffy joined us, a volunteer’s family came to adopt a kitten. Daffy kept tapping on the father’s shoulder and by that evening, the family knew that Daffy was the one they intended to adopt. He is happily ensconced in his new home and keeps a little girl cosy when she sleeps. Way to go Daffy!


Charlie and Skye

Charlie and Skye found their forever home together, indoors, with light mousing duties!

2013-12-19 10.14.17-1

Above are Skye, the snowshoe, and Charlie, the long haired brown tabby. They are inseparable.


We adopted Luna nearly a year ago now.  She fits in with our family just perfectly.  Luna is extremely gentle with my two children, ages 4 years and 2 years.  She is at her most content while I am holding her in my arms and petting her back.  If Luna’s not sleeping right beside me, she likes to sleep in her cat condo.  She loves to play with her catnip rat and she tries to eat all of the food she can find (not too hard with two small children in the house)!  In this picture, she is happily lounging on a costume witch’s hat at Halloween time.

Vesper (aka Bianca)

Vesper was about 5 months old when I adopted her from LWTCBI. When I brought her home, she immediately bonded with my yellow lab puppy. They often nap together and clean each other. She is a big love bug and adores being pet, jumping on my lap and pushing her head into my hand. She only drinks from the dog bowl and prefers dog food over cat food if she can get her little paws on it before the dog does. If there is a bug in the house, it won’t be around for long since Vesper immediately scopes it out catches it in mid-air for a tasty snack. One of Vesper’s little quirks is that she forgets to put her tongue back in her mouth when she is really tired and she likes to sit in the tub every morning, watching me get ready for work. Now 2 years old, Vesper is been a blast to have around!


This is a photo of Muddy Waters the cat and Lorelei the pit bull. They are the best of friends. Muddy was one of our rescues from Cottonwood Arizona. He went from semi-feral to really happy. Now, I’m not saying he likes being picked up, but he likes just about everything else about living indoors, the dog, the other cats, the fish, the burners on the stove …

Shekina and Yang Yang

In December 2013 Shekina and Yang Yang moved to their forever home. Their move was bitter sweet, as Shekina had mammary cancer. The grandmother of this family is a breast cancer survivor, and felt a special connection to Shekina as soon as she saw her picture. Shekina lost her battle with cancer several months later. Yang Yang is better that we could ever have imagined as a singleton. We will always be grateful to this brave family who gave the girls their last few months together in a wonderful home.

Leo and Bella, Ziggy and Gimpy, Hominy and Grits, and Lovey and Apollo have all been adopted! Thanks to all who helped with these adoptions!