Adoption update

Since January 1, 2012, 278 cats have found loving homes. Thank you to everyone who collaborated with us to make this number a reality – the best volunteers in the world, the kind and generous donors who support us, the caring fosters who give our kitties a chance to grow up in good health, the owners who make the responsible choice to surrender rather than abandon, the veterinary medical professionals who provide the excellent medical care for our wards, staff at Petco and PetSmart who work to provide caring adoption venues, and our neighbors who watch with bemused tolerance the never-ending parade of carriers come in and out every day. Bless you all and have a wonderful new year.

Malachi Finds Forever Home!

Malachi on his new couch

Malachi lost his home when an allergic boyfriend moved in almost two years ago. It wasn’t that Malachi is some kind of fuddy duddy, but he had been an only pet and he wasn’t adaptable to dogs or small children. He was adopted twice and returned twice by people with dogs, despite prior admonitions about no dogs.

He met his soul mate last week. He has a whole house to share with his favorite person and it is bigger than the entire shelter. Go Malachi!

Help Us by Shopping for the Holidays!

Adopt-a-Shelter provides a simple and painless way to benefit the shelter. Simply go to the link below and sign in before you shop online. You then access the merchant through the Adopt a Shelter  website. A fraction of the merchant’s profit goes to the shelter at no cost to you!  We have already received benefits from earlier shopping this year. Sign in at the link below for holiday on-line shopping. You will be surprised at how many of your favorites participate!

adopt a shelter

Donate on December 4!

We are once again participating in Colorado Gives Day. Last year we raised  $2500.00 in 24 hours. This year Gives Day will be on December 4. If you click on the logo above, it will take you to the website. You can go any time between now and December 5 to schedule you donation to be made on December 4!

Last year several donors were able to make their donations keep giving by reporting them to their employer, who then matched the donation!

Don’t care for online giving?

You may also help by mailing a donation to PO Box 393 Green Mountain Falls CO 80819.


Thirty-four of our cats found homes in August, including CaliCO who had spent over a year with us. So far this month we have adopted 11 cats. We have been utilizing the Front Range Veterinary Services mobile unit for our mass spays and neuters. Their last visit resulted in 20 spays and 10 neuters. How convenient to just carry the kennels across the parking lot!

We are saving our regular vets, Drs. Roasa and Factor at Animal Medical Center for dentals and evals during kitten season.