Anderson Cooper joins the shelter! Neuter scheduled for Tuesday!

anderson cooper_9893The famous journalist announced that he would go on location at a cat shelter to interview cats and find out what shelter life is really like. In order to complete the experience he had to temporarily abandon human speech and pretend to only be able to meow. Then he disguised himself as a Siamese Flame Point with white hair and blue eyes and allowed himself to be "captured" at Ft. Carson. After five days in the Ft. Carson Animal Rescue, he was transferred to lookwhatthecatbroughtin. His second day at the shelter,  he interviewed our vet and allowed her to examine him. He was found to be in perfect health after a snap test, exam and rabies vaccination. He will go back to the clinic on Tuesday for his neuter so that he will have a complete shelter cat experience.

Although we will not post video of the actual operation, we will keep the public informed of his progress.