Cats Up For Adoption

Adoptable Cats
Luckily, the cats shown above have already been adopted! But there are still more looking for their forever homes. Please meet our currently adoptable cats at Petfinder!


Special needs cats to foster or adopt:



Little Man

Little Man is one of our long term residents who needs a foster home.He has IBD. but it is under good control. He has a special diet to control his diarrhea and he receives one pill of predisolone daily. He loves and needs to be brushed. We will supply food and medication as long as he is fostered.




Ella channeling Ella Fitzgerald

Ella in a reflective mood.


I am from the shelter in Longmont Colorado. I am declawed, but i was destined for the barn cat program. Since coming to lookwhatthecatbroughtin, I have become more social.

I would probably do best in a quieter home without dogs or small children. If I feel threatened I will hide, but I would rather have a little peace and quiet.