Catio Building Materials

If your catio will be different from mine, you will need different materials, of course.  Below is the list of materials and tools I needed to build mine:


4 – 2x12x12 boards

16 – 2x12x8 boards

16 – 2x4x8 boards

8 – roof panels

3 – 4′ x 50′ rolls chain link fencing

1 – 1 lb box 3″ nails

1 – 1 lb box 2.5″ screws

2 – 1 lb box 1.25″ screws

3 – 1 lb box 1.25″ staples

1 – 1 lb box 3/4″ staples

1 – package of washers

10 – 3 x 7 tie plates

2 – gate hinge/latch/pull sets

2 – gallons weatherproofing stain

rollers for staining


Tools needed:

  • Saws to cut wood–we used a mitre saw and a jig saw
  • Nail gun
  • Hammer for staples
  • Metal cutter for chain link
  • Tape measure


Materials notes:

  • I chose to use standard pine for the lumber in order to keep costs lower.  I learned that the quality of standard pine varies so went to two different stores in order to select the best boards–minimal warping or cracks.
  • Because the structure will be exposed to weather, I protected the wood with a transparent weather-proofing stain (transparent is cheaper than the semi-transparent or solid color options).
  • I chose white panels for the roof to minimize heat absorption while still allowing some light to filter through.


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