Story behind the catio:  I, the designer/builder of the catio, am a Girl Scout who was looking for a Gold Award project.  I knew I wanted to do something to improve the lives of shelter animals.  After touring “Look What the Cat Brought In” and talking with Jennifer Nosler, executive director of the Feline Rescue Network, I saw the need for a better environment for the more feral cats.  These cats are used to being outdoors; then, for their health and safety, they are often captured and turned over to a rescue for care.  Unfortunately, this usually means these cats are then confined to a relatively small indoor area.  Jennifer and I agreed that we could make an outdoor living area–a “catio”–so the cats could choose to experience the elements as they desired.

You, too, can have a catio!  Click on the links below for some design considerations, building materials that you would need, and construction details:

Catio Design Considerations

Catio Building Materials

Catio Construction How-To