First Online Auction – Bidding Open


We decided to have an online auction since the Wine and Paint Party had fewer people than the number of items we had collected — 14 items.  There is something for everybody.

Starts: Aug 2, 2015 8:39 pm

Ends Aug 16, 2015 8:39 pm

The auction is through Winning Cause, who only handles non-profits so they can keep costs low and pass that along to us.  This is open to the public, so please let your friends and family know as well.  Check it out here:  Let the bidding begin!

We are in IndyGive 2015!


We began business in 2008 with a passion for hard-luck cats and a desire to make a difference.  We have come a long way.  Our journey sped up once we moved into the building on Boulder, affirming our dream and inspiring us to reach further.  But through all of this, the larger population of Colorado Springs remains unaware of our existence.

Not for much longer!  We have applied for the highly publicized IndyGive event for a few years and this year WE MADE IT into the ranks of non-profits who will be included.  We are doing back-flips (not exactly, but close) over this huge development for us.  We will gain valuable exposure and lots of training, but it will be hard work over the next six months.

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JOIN US  1:00 PM





JOIN US  1:00 PM


 2129 E. Boulder Street, Upstairs in Cat Cafe

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Shelter’s New Cat Café Opens Saturday, March 7

Need more cat time in your life but not ready to bring home a new feline friend at the moment? Look What the Cat Brought In has the perfect answer – Kitty Love Café and Gallery.

The café, featuring free-roaming shelter kitties and a menu of coffee, tea, soda, and fresh pastries, is the first cat café in Colorado Springs and one of only a few in the United States. It will be open Saturdays from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., beginning March 7.

Cat-themed works by local artists will be on display and available for purchase. New artwork will arrive once a quarter.


What: Kitty Love Café and Gallery
Serving coffee, tea, soda and fresh pastries

Where: Look What the Cat Brought In Shelter
2129 E. Boulder Street, Colorado Springs, 80909

When: Open Saturdays from 1pm – 4:30pm

Entry fee: $5 for individuals
$10 for a family of four (children must be accompanied)



Although Kitty Love Café and Gallery will only be open one day a week with limited hours, shelter staff is excited to join the ranks of only a few such establishments in the country.

The first cat café opened in Taiwan in 1998 and provided cat companionship for an hourly fee for pet-deprived city dwellers. Cat cafés are now thriving in London, Paris, Vienna, Budapest, Munich, Berlin, Spain, Lithuania, Italy and Dubai.

Purina opened what is purported to be the nation’s first cat café in New York City in October 2014; however, it was only a “pop-up,” open for less than a week. Since then, more permanent establishments have opened in Oakland, California; Naples, Florida; and Denver.


16 cats abandoned during cold snap

Look What the Cat Brought In has completed its initial evaluations of the health of 16 cats and kittens abandoned outside the shelter during a cold spell late last year.

Between Christmas and New Year’s, 9 kittens and 7 adult cats were left outside the shelter in freezing temperatures. One batch was dumped off in a shopping cart with a note but no contact information.


The good news is that all of the cats have tested negative for FIV/FeLV, and a kitten with an injured eye will be able to keep her eye. However, at least 3 cats need extensive dental work.

Director Jennifer Nosler has been coordinating care of the cats, but the shelter was filled to capacity at the time of the abandonments, and a mad scramble ensued to assess the kittens’ and cats’ health and get them vaccinated and cared for.

The influx disrupted the shelter’s normal operations.

“I was able to transfer out six of our previously tested and vaccinated healthy kittens to another shelter, but our ability to help any other new cats is completely stalled out right now,” Jennifer said at the time.

The financial impact was also significant.

“Just to vaccinate each cat is $4-$7 and to test is $24 to $25, so we have spent over $500 this week just to prepare them to be healthy in the shelter. To spay and neuter these animals will be between $1,000 and $1,500. We may or may not incur additional expenses for dental treatment. Some of them will be barn cats and we will not be able to charge adoption fees for them.”

As of early February, the shelter had yet to spay or neuter 4 adult cats and 8 kittens. One of the feral females that was spayed was slowly being domesticated.

orange gang shopping cart-small

The large batches of cats raised concerns for Jennifer that at least some may have come from a hoarder.

“We don’t know if these cats come from a hoarding situation being cleaned up, or if they are truly abandoned,” she noted.

Jennifer is spearheading a Southern Colorado Animal Coalition effort to bring awareness to hoarding and how it hurts pet owners, pets, and communities as a whole.

Ultimately, she would like to get the word out that abandoning animals outside businesses is a criminal offense, no matter what the weather conditions. But dropping them off during such brutal temperatures is cruel, and small animals are in no way equipped to handle the cold.

Great adoptions for a great new year!

Since our move, we created a room for cats with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, so that they can be safe while we look for homes for cats with this condition. I am happy to report that just last week our two FIV positive cats, Benton and DJ went to a forever home together!

Benton dressed for Halloween

Benton dressed for Halloween

Woodrose met her human soul mate just after Christmas. We will miss her terribly, but she deserves  a life in a real home


Woodrose and her friend Berry.

Woodrose and her friend Wall-E.

Daffy, who lived with us for more than a year, recovering from surgery and just being part of our colony also met his soul mate in January. He now makes his home with a lady who has no other cats and is intent on spoiling him.


Daffy about one year ago.


The weekend after Christmas, sixteen cats and kittens were abandoned in the parking lot of our new building. The temperature was in the low 20s, but we were able to discover and bring in all the kittens before any harm was done. We have managed to take them in and are working on their medical needs. Three adult males will need dental work and all 4 adult females will need spays. Some of the kittens have needed medical attention and ultimately will need socializing and alteration.


If these cats all came from the same owner, then they were the victims of a hoarder. We have recently begun a hoarding awareness initiative in Colorado Springs, with plans to assist people with too many animals.

Holiday Shopping Fundraiser


Sunday December 14, 2014, if you purchase food at Panda Express at the Citadel Mall from noon to five o’clock, we will get a percentage of the sales!  Yes, you are out getting some holiday shopping done and you stop to get a bite to eat and you are helping us. 

In order for us to get credit for your purchase, please print out this flyer and present it when you get your meal.  PLEASE, spread the word to all of your friends and family because we really need as many people as possible to make some money with this.  Panda Express has run this fundraiser for awhile, and the key is WORD OF MOUTH to get more people to participate.  We can make some fair money, but it really does rely on a lot of people coming out. 

Print out this flyer:  PandaExpressFundraiser2014

Please take advantage of this easy way to help us out while you are out shopping.


Colorado Gives Day Tuesday Dec 9!

CGD 2014_Master(WORKING)


THANK YOU for donating on Colorado Gives Day and for supporting the Look What the Cat Brought In! A total of $1,590 was raised for LWCBI in just ONE day. Your gift will stay right here in Colorado and will help care for the cats in our care.  Our cats, like Hope and Meska, thank you for giving them a second chance!




Hope, a flame-point Siamese kitten, was found in a Lamar Safeway parking lot at only two weeks old. She weighed only six ounces, was near death with a ruptured eye and her future was grim. But she was brought to us and we got her the medical care she needed, plus nurturing, and a second chance she deserved. This is why we do it. Please ensure others like Hope get a second chance and schedule your donation now.



HAPPY TALE: Meska is a “mature” loving kitty we received from a bad hoarding situation. She required significant dental attention throughout the year as a result of the neglect she suffered. After all her teeth were removed, she flourished on soft food and we are overjoyed to report she has found her forever home! The medical attention costs money, time, and attention, but cats like Meska are worth it. Please help us carry on this work.
Please schedule your donation for Dec 9 by using this link for the most impact from your money: