Adoption Application

Adoption Application and Agreement
This application and agreement concerns the following cat:

$100 adoption fee
Name and description:
Adopters Name:_________________________ Phone:_____________________________
Street City State Zip
Why do you want to adopt a cat? _______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________
Have you had a cat before? _____________________________________________ ______
Do you have other pets? Yes [_] No [_]If yes, please list other animals in your household__________________________________________________________________
Do any family members have allergies to cats? ____________________________________
Who is your veterinarian? _____________________________________________________
Your Vet’s Address:__________________________________________________________
Street City State Zip
By signing this application and adopting this cat you are accepting all future responsibility for this animal, including all care and veterinary expenses. If you wish to return the animal and it’s adoption records, including medical information, within 10 days, you may and receive a refund of the adoption fee less $20.00. If returned after 10 days, no refund will be given. If you can no longer keep this cat you must return it to Lookwhatthecatbroughtin rather than give it away to an individual or surrender it to a shelter that employs euthanasia to control its population.. Even if you have moved from Colorado Springs, please contact this shelter to make arrangements for an appropriate surrender.

1 The cat is being adopted by the person signing the application; it may not be given to a third party.
2 If the cat shows any signs of illness during the first 10 days post adoption, the adopter will call the rescue immediately to arrange for medical treatment.
3 I understand that I may schedule a free exam at Aspenwood Veterinary Hospital. If this is scheduled within the first 10 days after adoption, the shelter will pay up to $50.00 for any medications prescribed at that visit.
4 The adopter must keep this cat indoors at all times.
5 The adopter may not declaw this cat in the future.
6 The information given by adopter is truthful.
7 Adopter will love this animal as if it were a member of the family.

Signed:___________________________________ Date:_____________________
Adopters Signature
Signed lookwhatthecatbroughtin
BY:_____________________________________ Date:______________________
(a copy signed by the rescue will be mailed to the adopter)
Adoption fee $_$100.00_________Donation $_______________________Cash/Check