Great adoptions for a great new year!

Since our move, we created a room for cats with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, so that they can be safe while we look for homes for cats with this condition. I am happy to report that just last week our two FIV positive cats, Benton and DJ went to a forever home together!

Benton dressed for Halloween

Benton dressed for Halloween

Woodrose met her human soul mate just after Christmas. We will miss her terribly, but she deserves  a life in a real home


Woodrose and her friend Berry.

Woodrose and her friend Wall-E.

Daffy, who lived with us for more than a year, recovering from surgery and just being part of our colony also met his soul mate in January. He now makes his home with a lady who has no other cats and is intent on spoiling him.


Daffy about one year ago.


The weekend after Christmas, sixteen cats and kittens were abandoned in the parking lot of our new building. The temperature was in the low 20s, but we were able to discover and bring in all the kittens before any harm was done. We have managed to take them in and are working on their medical needs. Three adult males will need dental work and all 4 adult females will need spays. Some of the kittens have needed medical attention and ultimately will need socializing and alteration.


If these cats all came from the same owner, then they were the victims of a hoarder. We have recently begun a hoarding awareness initiative in Colorado Springs, with plans to assist people with too many animals.

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