Logee moves to Minnesota!

Miss Logee-7816 (2)Our lovely and well traveled girl won the forever home lottery this week and moved to Minnesota with a new owner. Logee joined us more than 18 months ago. She had been found on the mean streets of Pampa, Texas. She had been declawed at some time and was wearing her glamorous fur.

We accepted her as a transfer and she came to Colorado. She became depressed and then developed a kidney infection. She moved into our vet clinic and became the female clinic cat. After she recovered, she stayed on at the clinic and she prospered, in fact, doubled in weight!

A few potential adopters inquired, but no one was the right match. Some were afraid of ongoing medical treatments and some had too many other pets.

When the emails from Minnesota began, we crossed our fingers. The adoption went like clockwork and Logee has a new job as a watch cat for one human.

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