Adopt-a-Shelter-Pet License Plate $$

We are happy to share we have received $5,000 from the Adopt-a-Shelter-Pet license plate program.  The license plates are part of the Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund and the money will be used for spay/neuter surgery, microchip implantation and registration, and medical care for the cat’s in the shelter’s care.

license-plate2Look What the Cat Brought is was founded in 2008 as a limited admission, adoption guaranteed shelter and was the first in Colorado Springs serving cats exclusively.  Although their primary focus is in El Paso County, they have taken into their care cats in need from all over the state, including severe hoarding situations.  The shelter has provided much needed medical and dental care for the cats they accept, and such care is aided with the money granted via the Adopt-a-Shelter-Pet license plate program.

The shelter is looking forward to sustaining an ongoing relationship with the Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund to continue the vital work at the shelter.  Particularly now that the shelter is moving from their current modest location into the former Hamlet Spay and Neuter two-story building at 2129 E. Boulder St. later this summer.  With the move, Look What the Cat Brought In plans to expand the cats in their care and better service the community.  The money from the Adopt-a-Shelter-Pet license plate program helps make that mission a reality.

You can purchase the Adopt-a-Shelter-Pet license plate directly from your local Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  NO CERTIFICATE IS NECESSARY FOR PURCHASE.

Adopt-a-Shelter-Pet plates may be purchased at any time during the year. You will receive credit for the time remaining between the purchase date and your annual license plate renewal date; that money will be applied to the new purchase. You may also purchase an Adopt-a-Shelter-Pet plate upon annual renewal of your regular plates.

**Be looking for more information on our move that is anticipated at the end of August 2014.  We will have a grand opening celebration shortly after we are all settled in.

Footloose Hops Along to new home for Mother’s Day!

photo-6Footloose found a new home as one of our volunteer’s mother’s Mother’s Day present to herself! Footloose is one of the sweetest and most beautiful young cats we ever have had at the shelter! When he lived on the eastern plains of Colorado, his family failed to notice that their kids had put a rubber band around one of his back feet, killing part of his foot. Remarkably the wound healed itself and we and our vet concluded that he didn’t need amputation or a prosthetic, but just a good home. Thank goodness a holiday occasion was around the corner to make all our dreams come true.  Bon voyage kitten and have a great new life.


Two new exotic cats!

2014-03-30 14.37.29

Osiris, pictured above, is about six years old. His son Tut is three. They are in relatively good health, but needed some deferred maintenance Tut also has a heart murmur. We prefer to adopt them together to someone who has experience with Sphynx cats.

2014-03-30 14.28.00

Abandoned Cat Update

I have removed and placed 25 of the indoor cats whose elderly owner left them behind when she moved into a nursing home. We will be trapping the ourdoor group to be spayed or neutered and released to the property as soon as this weekend. Financial assistance is greatly appreciated!

Help Us Save Some Abandoned Cats!

An elderly El Paso county resident didn’t intend to abandon her cats, but she has had to go into a nursing home just the same. She left behind 30 wonderful indoor cats at her home and a colony of up to 100 more cats outside.

We will be able to place most of the indoor cats with the Denver Dumb Friends League and Pueblo Animal Services. Hear the full report on Pets Matter on KRDO.

We will need funding for medical care for the outdoor cats. The shelters taking  the indoor cats will be responsible for the medical costs for those cats.

We plan to start trapping the outdoor colony as early as Friday if we can make appointments.

Logee moves to Minnesota!

Miss Logee-7816 (2)Our lovely and well traveled girl won the forever home lottery this week and moved to Minnesota with a new owner. Logee joined us more than 18 months ago. She had been found on the mean streets of Pampa, Texas. She had been declawed at some time and was wearing her glamorous fur.

We accepted her as a transfer and she came to Colorado. She became depressed and then developed a kidney infection. She moved into our vet clinic and became the female clinic cat. After she recovered, she stayed on at the clinic and she prospered, in fact, doubled in weight!

A few potential adopters inquired, but no one was the right match. Some were afraid of ongoing medical treatments and some had too many other pets.

When the emails from Minnesota began, we crossed our fingers. The adoption went like clockwork and Logee has a new job as a watch cat for one human.